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1953 Chevy Pick up- Air bags and 4 link workshop work

This 53 Chevy belongs to a long time client and when he wanted to go through the air bag suspension and brakes to make sure it was safe and reliable we guttered it to the frame rails and upgraded everything...

1957 Chevy RHD conversion

Some people just don't want to sit in the other seat... So that's when we cut everything up and do right hand drive conversions... Factory RHD 57's never got a 57 dash... this one does!

1971 Cadillac ElDorado convertible build

Michael came to us wanting to build a 1971 Cadillac ElDorado convertible he'd purchased... This is what happens when you keep saying yes to every option....

1967 HR Holden Wagon build.

Here's a 1967 Holden HR wagon that was brought to us after it's paint job for full mechanical and cosmetic assembly...

1961 Impala Bubble top assembly

This is a job we get a bit, a paint shop paints the car and then it all needs to go back together... This car came to us for a full assembly and new drive line with performance brakes and suspension...

1969 440 Plymouth GTX custom work

Here’s a 1969 Plymouth GTX we've been all over and a great example of the services we offer here at SEVEN82MOTORS, Classic’s, Lowriders & Muscle cars. We soured for a client while who came to us before we left on a buying trip to America...

HJ Holden motor and engine bay build.

Here's a HJ Sedan that came in after paint for the boys in the 782Garage to put together and finish in detail.

Custom metal fabricated dashs.

Here's an example of a hand made and metal fabricated dash... This something we are finding quite popular and like this Mustang that was converted back in the day it's dash was made up of a bunch of cut and shut plastic that needed to be updated...

1957 Chevy Belair custom build.

Here's a 1957 Chevy Belair 2 door sport coupe we are building for a client... it's his dream car and we have been asked to build him an amazing car, just needs everything, can't look like every other 57 and needs to be showy but can still do skool runs... So this is what he's getting.