How to bid

Step 1: Become a member. It’s free to join. Login or create a free account.

Step 2: Register for the June auction.

Step 3: Start bidding when the auction opens on June 5 at 6pm.


Please note: If you aren’t already a member of our website, you must create an account on our website before you can register to bid. This is a two-part process and you must complete both registrations in order to be eligible to bid. If you are already a member of the website you just need to log in and complete the registration for each auction.

Please note you will need to have a credit card ready for bidder verification. The card will have a $1 hold placed for 5-7 days which will then be released. This is purely a verification step and nothing else will be charged to the card.


1. If you are on a mobile device: tap the account icon in the top left of your screen. On desktop, navigate to LOGIN NOW or CREATE AN ACCOUNT (top left menu) – note: if you are already logged in your name will appear here and skip to step 3.

2. If you don’t have an account with us, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill out all of the mandatory fields. Check the box to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions and then click the red CREATE ACCOUNT button.

3. Click REGSITER FOR AUCTION TO BID button on any one of the auction lots.

4. Submit the payment details as requested for the credit card verification

5. Read through the terms and conditions carefully then check the two boxes below to confirm you understand and agree before clicking the REGISTER button.

6. The welcome pop-up will display – close window once read

7. Congratulations, you are now registered and ready to bid! Take your time and look through the lots in detail and make sure you are comfortable with all the information.


Note: Please ensure you double check you bid as you will be held fully accountable for this. Bidders must accept full responsibility for all bids, there is no leniency for incorrect or accidental bids. If you are unsure, please DO NOT BID!

1. You will need to wait until the auction is open for bidding

2. The lots will display the next available bid based on the current minimum bid increment. This will increase as the value get higher.

3. To submit a minimum bid, click on the button on the lot displaying the bid number and then click again to confirm and submit your bid.

4. Before you submit your bid, there is the option to change between a ‘Power bid’ and a ‘Max bid’. These are used whenever bidding more than the minimum required bid increment.

4a) A ‘Power Bid’ will take you immediately to whatever number you put into the bid box, regardless of what else has been bid.

4b) A ‘Max Bid’ will only outbid the next highest bidder by one minimum bid increment and hold the remained in the background without being seen. It will then automatically outbid any further bids made by the minimum amount until it has used all of the Max Bid amount and you are outbid. Please note, if the reserve has not been met on the lot, the system will use the lot’s reserve as a bid against your ‘Max bid’

5. In case of a tied bid, whoever made the bid first will have priority. ie; if someone places a ‘Max Bid’ of $5,000 and in the natural course of bidding another bidder places a bid for the same amount, or also places a ‘Max bid’ for the same amount, the first bidder will be winning the bid at $5,000 and the second bidder will need to bid again.

If you require any further assistance or information please contact our Sales Manager, Locky on 0403 935 488.