1967 Chevy SS Impala Fastback

This is Nicky’s 1967 SS Impala and this car came about when she contacted Ben from SEVEN82MOTORS Classic’s, Lowriders & Muscle cars looking for a black 1967 Impala like the car on the Supernatural T.V series. Ben found Nicky a few cars to choose from in America through his associate in San Diego, California. This genuine SS ended up a contender and with the tick of approval from Nicky, Richard set out to inspect the vehicle, take some photos and give his opinion. It was a solid Californian car and had done some movie work of its own. It had a couple of colour changes and typical rust in the trunk but it was a genuine SS with black trim and if it was to get colour changed to black it would be a relatively simple job.

Obviously this became the vehicle Nicky chose and so 782 transported it to the port in L.A and shipped it here to Brisbane, Australia on Nicky’s behalf along with a bunch of parts she wanted to help make a nice car out of it. Nicky was always undecided on the colour but her initial enquiry was for a black 67 Impala. It was a long boat ride over and a bit of time had passed, Nicky and Ben correspond via email but soon enough the time had come for her to drive up from the Mid Coast of NSW to come and view her car for the first time in real life.

It was emotional for her when she walked into the showroom and saw the big yellow SS standing in front of her, it was all real now and it was obvious that she was overwhelmed for what felt like her dream was now a reality and all those little photo’s she’d been looking at were larger than life right smack in front of her. Nicky and her partner Glenn had a few ideas and as they were on the Gold Coast for the night they came and caught up with the SEVEN82MOTORS boys & the Mr Resto boys the following day at a local car show. After sleeping on the idea it was decided that SEVEN82MOTORS would strip the underside of the Impala and do a full suspension, steering and brake overhaul before sending the Imp off to Mr Restoration for a colour change to Black! What you see now is the finished product.