1969 440 Plymouth GTX – Custom Work

Here’s a 1969 Plymouth GTX we’ve been all over and a great example of the services we offer here at SEVEN82MOTORS, Classic’s, Lowriders & Muscle cars. We soured for a client while who came to us before we left on a buying trip to America and attending the SEMA show in Las Vegas 2012… Our client initially wanted a black 440 car but this car was always a stand out to us as the body was super nice and just a great honest 440 GTX.

We traveled through 3 states on that trip and looked at heaps of cars, this kept coming back as the pick of the bunch for us. We had sent about 100 pictures of this vehicle while we were over there as well as several other options we chased down, once we arrived back home and went over the car more he could see why we saw value in this car and we were instructed to make an offer. A bit of two and fro went on with the dealer and we negotiated the price of this car and purchased on his behalf and had it transported to L.A where we imported the car for him.

Once it arrived we had things to do… while this car was in excellent condition the owner wanted it to have a bit more impact… we had purchased a new complete white interior and new white vinyl top to change out when it arrived, supplied and fitted air con and extractor manifolds, also had a set of custom 17×11 and 17×8 Magnum wheels like the originals made but in a size that suited the car, filled the guards and left a serious foot print once we lowered the body over it and fit the new Wilwood brakes behind them… This was all done in the time frame he wanted to have the car ready for himself for his 40th birthday.

Later the owner came back for more upgrades, this time he wanted the latest Magnum Force front end supplied and fitted updated rack and pinion and coil over suspension, new steering column, 6 pack carby setup on top of the 440, new alloy heads and cam, while the motor was out to smooth and paint the engine bay and relocate the battery to the boot, rebuilt the gearbox, supply and fit a stereo system and trunk fit out, B&M ratchet shifter and 4 linked the rear end and made a new exhaust.

So this is a great example of what SEVEN82MOTORS can do for you, from vehicle sourcing, importing, compliance and on roads, wheel and tyre package, trim package, stereo fit out, engine, brake, steering and suspension upgrade… All in all we found a really cool car and over a couple of years have dialed this in for the owner to be his dream car. If you feel you need any of these services we are here to help.