1957 Chevy Belair – Custom Build

Here’s a 1957 Chevy Belair 2 door sport coupe we are building for a client… it’s his dream car and we have been asked to just build him an amazing car, all we have to do is make it not look like any other 57 Belair, be showy but still able to pick the kids up from school… the rest we can do who we want to show what we the boys can do at 782. We started by relaying ideas to Aden who draws for Street Machine and he helped us paint the picture and visualise the modifications and add and delete things till we got the final design. Once sandblasted the 57 had every panel and the floors on the car replaced with the help from Rod at Rodz Kustomz in Ashmore here on the Gold Coast and the body sat over the Art Morrison chassis we imported from America. There’s heaps of minor and major modifications being made to this 57…  Definitely a very cool build and another car we will be proud to hand over as a turn key and fully engineered build.