1930 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

This is my sidekick and workshop managers personal car… Chris and I met back in 2008 and not long after he started working for/with me and is an incredibly talented mechanic and has turned the mechanical side of 782 into what it is. From the get go I’d heard about this hot rod frame he’d built when he was about 18 and it was in storage and he had to go get it… this went for years and then one day back in about 2015 a trailer of parts turned up after he’d sold his 55 Buick and the frame was collected and i realised this wasn’t all an urban myth… Night after night, this little hot rod got built in the corner piece by piece and he put together and built his vision. Of all the cars I’ve seen him have this one I love the most, it goes back to the start of everything for him and he managed to complete the dream… You may see this Roadster blasting around the Gold Coast as he uses it most days, it avoids rain but has seen it many times, doesn’t get put away for winter and gets the wheels driven off it… typically seen with what looks like a giant baby seat proportionally in the passenger’s side doing school runs with his sidekick and Son, Will.

If you want a Hot Rod built Chris will turn you out a bad arse traditional Rod but like most artists and creative people they have opinions and I will only put him in the position to build cool stuff, typically traditional style rods are his thing… no fiberglass or billet builds need apply sorry.