HIGHLIGHTS: – Full build into tough custom coupe – Repainted in Ford Raven Black – Built 420ci Windor V8 engine – Built six speed automatic with Paddle shifters – 420 RWHP and 900nm of Torque – Currie 9” diff with Strange alloy centre – Air conditioning – Power steering – Disc brake front end – 17” Custom offset Boyd Coddington wheels

This 1966 Ford Mustang coupe has been extensively rebuilt and upgraded into a tough street car. The car is owned by the President of the Gold Coast Muscle Car Association who purchased the car back in 2007. At the time, the car came from El Segundo in California and had been repainted in Raven Black with Gold striped. It was a well optioned car from the factory, with nearly every option available for 66 including factory air, remove drivers mirror, 8 track, 140mph speedo, rally pack and luxury interior. The car was fitted with a 351ci Windsor V8 but wasnt running real well at the time so the decision was made to pull the car apart and rebuild it.

Starting with the body of the car, the job was tasked to Harvey Reimer in Nerang to undertake the paint and bodywork. Any rust was rectified at the time but it was very clean being a Californian car. The car was then fully repainted in Raven black in 2007. The GT350 style side scoops were added at the same time. It was a few years later when a manifold change required a bigger scoop that the custom Carbon Fibre item was made up which was the owns personal design. The chrome on the outside of the car has all been either refinished or replaced and there is a grey GT style stripe down the side. To complete the look, the car sits on a set of custom offset, 17” Boyd Coddington wheels with grey centres and polished lips.

Inside the car received an all new trim with a few subtle extra tricks. The owner made the decision to put a custom automatic transmission in the car which required the centre tunnel and floors to be changed. The tunnel is now 4” wider and 2” taller than stock with all new false floor on the passenger side. There is a metre and a half of 59 pin wiring loom running to the computer which is located under the passenger seat. The seats were able to be located where he wanted them so we are told it can seat a person up to 6 foot 3 comfortably. The seats are covered in Pony trim and the carpets were all new to suit the new floor. One of the most noticeable things inside is the Bluetooth Paddle shifters for the custom gear box that are located behind the wood rimmed steering wheel. The TCI Shifter sits up between the bucket seats and there are some switches located in the centre console to change between performance modes and lock up the torque converter. For safety the car is fitted with retractable lap sash belts up front. For comfort, the car is fitted with air conditioning, power steering and power brakes.

Upon pulling the engine down, it was discovered that the block was actually a thick walled Dart block and Dart heads. Being a performance guy, the decision was made to build the 351ci Windsor V8 which has now been stroked out to 420ci. JK performance built the engine over a period of 18months with engineering support from Wilson’s engineering in Southport. The owner instructed JK he wanted to focus on Torque more than outright horsepower and that’s exactly what they did. The result is an engine that makes an impressive 420 RWHP but a phenomenal 900 nm of Torque.

The car was originally set up as a manual, but in 2016, the owner decided to do something special and engaged TCI in Mississippi to build a completely custom, six speed, paddle shifted, computer controlled, automatic transmission for the car. The trans is essentially a reengineered GM 4L80-E with added solenoids to accommodate six gears. The transmission has different modes and can be tuned to shift as hard as you like. The coolest part is the Bluetooth paddle shifter mounted to the steering column. There are also switches in the centre console which can change the drive modes and lock up the torque converter which is a 3800 rpm billet item. Power is fed to the rear wheels through a new Curry 9” diff with strange alloy centre, Eaton true track billet axels and 3.9 gears with Mark Williams universal joint and drive shaft. The brakes are Kelsey Hayes discs up front with GT351 drums on the rear and remote booster. Handling is upgraded with custom Bilstein shocks and McDonald Brothers rear traction rods which can be adjusted for road track or drag racing. The steering is power assisted and modified by Gold Coast Power Steering. Due to having a computer controlled transmission the entire car needed rewiring to give lights, windscreen wipers, computers etc.  all an uninterrupted power source.

As you can see, this isn’t your average Pony! This is an understated but super tough little Mustang that will blow the tyres off most things on the street. The car is set up for the street but has run an 11.23 sec quarter mile. There is countless amounts of time and money invested into this car and this is an awesome opportunity for someone to pick up a unique street machine.


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