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At SEVEN82MOTORS we have always done things a little differently… Our consignment process is just an evolution of what I have learnt over many years of buying and selling my own cars. The principle came from the frustration I encountered in buying cars privately myself. I found myself needing help with sellers being clear and honest and not being able to shoot me a lot of detailed photos to qualify the cars I had interest in before flying to America and then travelling to view in person. It was a process that often ended in disappointment, wasted time and money. So we do lots of detailed photos and clear and honest communication with our clients and full disclosure. We then use our active client base and targeted marketing to ensure the cars are put in front of the right people in as many places as we can… Obviously, the best result and negotiation position as a seller is to have multiple buyers chasing the same car at once… Hence our Monthly New Stock Drop… We spend the month preparing all of our new stock for our open day, on the first Saturday of each month, only providing teasers of what is to come to our buyers and then drop all the new stock at the same time on the morning. This creates a feeding frenzy with all of our interstate followers trying to secure cars when they hit the market and over 2000 people through the showroom on the day. We also blow up the internet with marketing on that day to have multiple people chasing each car and even literally waiting outside the gate for our 8am opening and running into the shop to try and secure things first.

Below is list of the places we invest to market each vehicle, we do not charge for the marketing, we invest in this ourselves and it is inclusive of our 11% commission upon sale… We do charge for mechanical work you authorise and charge for presale detailing so the cars are presented as good as possible before they go into the camera… Video work is an extra option that is available to gain further exposure however we do have to charge for that. The cars are brought in on a 3 month contract, this allows them to go through 3 New Stock Drops and open days, but if we get it all right up front, there’s a very high chance you’ll sell on the first day… The consignment contract also gives us an authority to sell exclusively, and with a reserve to you that we discuss and agree on mutually so you have a safety net and peace of mind.

Below is some info and click through links to see us in action, any questions, feel free to contact me directly on 0416407540.

WHAT YOU GETInclusive of 11% Commission
SEVEN82 WebsitePhoto-shoot, edited & listed with unlimited images on SEVEN82 Website
SEVEN82 InstagramYour car announced and marketed as new stock
SEVEN82 FacebookYour car announced as new stock and marketed to over 60,000 followers
SEVEN82 Monthly NewsletterSEVEN82 Newsletter of our current stock to our subscribers
SEVEN82 New Stock DropYour car will have maximum exposure in store in Our New Stock Drop
Safe StorageSecure storage for your car with over 100k invested in security
CleaningDetailed and maintained for our showroom display
eBay ListingWith multiple images in listing as classified ad
Auto Trader OnlineYour car featured on Auto Trader Online
Just Cars OnlineYour car featured in Just Cars online and in the book
Marketplace advertisingYour car listed on Facebook Marketplace
Shop For Cars OnlineYour car listed on Shop For Cars online
Gumtree OnlineYour car featured on Gumtree online
Unique Cars OnlineYour car featured in Unique Cars online and in the book

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Consignment & Marketing

Some things to remember that you won’t have to worry about and can be avoided when the team at SEVEN82MOTORS manage your vehicle:

  • Having to prepare and market the vehicle
  • Answering phone calls at all hours.
  • Having to find time in your busy schedule to keep the vehicle clean.
  • Having to find time in your busy schedule to show the vehicle to people.
  • Strangers breaching your privacy by visiting your home and seeing more than your vehicle.
  • Diminishing the enjoyment of your time off work, weekends, and holidays because of having to wait near the phone for prospects to call.
  • The inconvenience and frustration of re-arranging your schedule for prospects who say they are “coming right over”, and then never show up.
  • Dealing with “experts”, low ball offers and uncomfortable negotiations
  • Transport and follow up for any after sales issues that may arise.


Our reputation is one of our biggest assets when selling your vehicle. It’s the reason that we have interstate buyers comfortable and prepared to spend six figure sums on some of our vehicles sight unseen. This is something that is a key part of our business and we need to protect, so we do screen the potential vehicles and have a standard that they must comply with before we will accept them. We specialize in Hot Rod, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s Australian and American cars and we do retain the right to refuse a vehicle if it is not deemed to be within the theme, up to the standard, overpriced or if the owner is difficult to get along with.


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