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GT’s, Coupes & Coffee 14th of October

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So this weekend just gone we bumped out an awesome little event at the shop that I’d like to share with you now, but first I’ll paint a bit of the picture. Back in April 2018 we had a call from engineer Darren Tongue, he was given our number by one of the John Goss owners we’d made friends with since going to Ireland and importing that iconic JGS coupe home earlier last year…. Darren was looking for some assistance with a John Goss race car they had in Sydney, it required some paint correction before being presented at Eastern Creek’s Muscle Car Masters and was then going to be sold through Australian Muscle Car sales… a bit more chatting and the story of the car was coming through. This is a car called Prototype no1…

Long story short this is a concept car built from John’s achieves that he had kept and form the blueprint of the car he designed after winning Bathurst in 1974. John Goss with the encouragement of Ford’s Keith Horner set about to develop and build a new XB Falcon coupe to race and about a 100 page dialogue was formed with the plan and specifications to build the car you see featured.

It’s long story and it will be featured in the coming months of the Australian Muscle car magazine and will be explained in detail. The long story short is the production JGS was a production car to celebrate John’s racing achievements and a design he’d hoped to have on the race track but the JGS was not used due to CAMS ruling and the 351GT remained the starting point for the group C production car and the build became no more than a blueprint to a mid 70’s group C touring car… So in the last few years John Goss and engineer Darren Tongue set about doing a project together, a few different models were discussed, a Phase III being one but the restoration of the dialogue had everything pointing towards the XB JGS coupe that never got it’s day in the sun… With the purchase of a genuine JGS coupe as a starting point, it was stripped it to a shell and started again like a body that had been walked down the production line to race under instruction of John and was then built to the specifications of the dialogue with the exceptions of some safety upgrades to the brakes as this car has been built to be able to do real track work. For John and Darren, it was always to be a fun project but had to perform and honour John’s legacy… it had to be a genuine track car for John to be involved and that’s what they did… Three years of work and dedication to the project and this is the creation, the car that could have been, got to be… So, with all this new info I called a client and friend of mine with a very nice Ford collection and told him of this opportunity. A call to our friend Mike Selby at AMCS and a curtious intervention was done before the coupe got to see the market and the car was acquired.

All this was done on the cusp of the car going to Eastern Creek to be shown and entered so myself and my client all flew in from different direction to meet at Sydney’s Eastern Creek for the hand over and to meet John right before he took the car out on the track for what he described as a “display race”… well, let me tell you, when he puts that helmet on, his eyes change, and for a guy who was going out to hang at the back of the pack and get a feel for it he must have got the feeling pretty quick as we watched him push that car corner after corner and put it in its place… quite an exhilarating experience to be part of!

With the end of the weekend the car had entered a new stage of its life and we transported it back to Queensland and locked it away. Many of the Goss owners are our friends now and this was a really cool opportunity to share with them… They own them, they love them so they needed to get to celebrate this with us first so I went about touching base with my two go to guys in the Owners Group… Brock who owns the Ireland Goss and Lachlan who helped me put together a surprise meeting for Brock when the Ireland Goss came to be collected and was accompanied by 4 other coupes from this Goss family.



So, it was easy enough to put together a coffee and cars based around this, but it deserved a bit more and John is very passionate about the car and got on board with the idea of attending. So now with the coupe and John I needed a to make this a bit special for my Goss boys and the idea evolved into a small invitational evening at the shop so the JGS owners could have some quality time with John and have some personal time to share so they didn’t just get lost in the crowd on a busy day at the shop… So, with a Saturday evening sorted and a Sunday open to the public it was all a good fit and some things started to click together and the GT’s, Coupes and Coffee was advertised.

The JGS owners were also quietly issued “the golden ticket” … Get the Goss with John Goss. The calls came in from far and wide and a small evening caped at about 50 people were invited with only a few weeks’ notice… The weekend soon rolled around and despite crap weather. It was time to peel to the airport in my blue Mustang with Goss’s windscreen banner wrapping the screen as a bit of a calling card for when I picked him up to take him to his hotel prior to his arrival at the shop. Early arvo they started rolling in with Gordon driving his Goss all the way from Bowen in North Queensland to meet with Crispy in Yeppoon and drive through to the sunny coast to meet up with the other boys giving us 7 Goss’s and the Prototype on display and a bunch of JGS owners and special clients that attend for a 4:30 kick off. Rain hampered what would have been some great photo opportunities but Daniel Ward came in and pushed on to capture some great shots… and afterall the rain didn’t stop us last time, that happened we brought home the Ireland Goss too, so we’ll blame that car for bringing the bad weather… after all it can’t only be the green Goss owners that get picked on all the time!

5:50pm I went to pick John up for a 6pm arrival to meet and greet with the owners ect in a cool chilled out environment and with a bit of mingling and a Malbec in hand before he jumped up on stage to tell a bit of his history and achievements that all lead up the 1974 win at Bathurst and the story of his technical development of the JGS coupe that never became and why he decided to build it. John was very clear in pointing out that this is not a replica, it’s not a car that ever existed and is not trying to represnt that it did… this was the car he’d hoped to develop and designed performance modifications into this car beyond the specs of a standard GT Falcon. This proto type car has his functional rear air dam side scoops that feed the rear brakes cool air, big tank and dual fuel fillers for quick filling, there is also an under bonnet cold air induction set up not shown with the car at present and a host of Johns proven tweaks and touches as outlined in his manifest, all turning this car out as he could have for the winter of 1975 as a new prototype in the development in his Group C comp racing… it was always just a car that could have been and a bit of an itch that needed to be scratched.

After the speech it was off for some more mingling before he did some signing for our guests and we settled into the evening of making new friends and socialising that all wound up a bit later than anticipated and a race car being started at way to late in the night 🙂

The next morning rolled around way to quickly and guess what… the Ireland Goss wreaked it for everyone again and it was raining again! Today is our GT’s, Coupes and Coffee for all our Ford crew to come hang out and meet with John and share the experience. I bowled into the shop at 5-45am with my good buddy Pete who always DJ’s for us and my boy Chris just behind us, time to kick the doors open, make some beats, get the coffee truck in and food van and see what it brings… 7am and cars started coming, and I start seeing new faces with GT shirts and guys holding glove box lids and parts hanging around sheepishly and this day starts firing up… whether it’s by default that we are the only car joint doing anything today with a roof or not the numbers rolled in despite the rain and came to get amongst it and the morning was great. John revisited the stage and spoke to a host of new faces and some from the night before and again the big JGS got fired up to show it’s no joke and not just a coupe with numbers on the doors… more signing and even I got in the mix to get my own replica of the door I had made to be signed to keep in the shop as a memento…

The rain kept coming and the time kept ticking and soon enough it was time to get John back to the airport… again the Mustang rolled out but with a 4 John Goss Specials escorting him all the way to the Coolangatta airport where the drop off natzi security tried to usher them all on until realising what was happening and cutting them a break. I spoke with John the day after and he explained he had to sit next to a girl who had commented on how a procession of muscle cars stopped the whole drop off zone and everyone was talking about it… I bet she’d love to know who that guy was!


With special thanks to the man himself John Goss for coming up and taking the time and for being so personable with so many people, an incredible person who is still living an amazing life.

Darren Tongue for all his involvement in the build, the hard work and behind the scenes efforts that put and brand new car on a race track that still managed to drive itself back in after it’s first event.

Batman, AKA Batman, owner of Prototype No1, for always supporting me and the business and giving us the opportunity to share the car with our friends.

Big thanks to my boy and build shop manager, Chris… So much went into getting this organised and he’s always there helping me make shit happen… often in the shadows of the brand but always there.

All the JGS owners, Gordon who drove from Bowen, Crispy from Yeppoon, Brock from the Sunny Coast even though he made it rain all weekend, Him and Lachlan from Brissy for helping reach out to the Goss owners, Jeff for turning up even though he had a green Goss and Bernie and Jarod

My wife Katrina… Does more than you’d ever understand in supporting me and my adventures keeping this shop under control.

Shaun, AKA Captain Ford from my build shop… this cat was in his zone, but he was in on the earlies and out on the lates and definitely made a notable help and sidekick to Chris. Adrian from the build shop… Actually, I think he just enjoyed a week of not building cars but he ran around and made shit happen for me as I threw tasks at him to get this all together.

Peter Murphy… We all need a mate from teenage days we can rely on and I have the best one. This guy has turned up to every event I’ve ever put on and bring the beats and MC’s for me and always adds another element to our gigs. He also did a great job of handling John telling him his music was crap, finding frank Sinatra and a multitude of other singers we’ve never heard of and controlling the volume when John told him it was too loud or to turn it up when it was a song he liked! Haha

Ross, AKA Josh… President of the Gold Coast Muscle car association and good friend for many years now. For a crazy cat who only just scraped through the 60’s he’s bloody responsible and is always there 5mins before whatever I have to do to remind me it’s 5mins to go… Solid as a rock and everything is always better for him being there… special thanks to his side kick Sandra too for being his rock and a very special person.

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