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Tin Signs For Sale

Custom Tin Signs, constructed with recycled metal.

Most of these pieces are designed for us in the USA and fabricated exclusively so we can supply American and Australian brands.


Each piece has its personality by showing off its original construction which includes weld marks and natural blemishes. As such, no two pieces are identical, this image is of our display item, sizes will remain the same but finishes will vary. As these are handmade, they don’t come in boxes so we are only offering a pick up only service. We will make a box and pack for orders of 4 or more pieces.


Pick up in Nerang on the Gold Coast, Ph 07 5596 6566 Or Email [email protected]



(TS-SML) $320-L-1220mm, H-320mm, D-40mm

(TS-MONL) $320- L-1040mm, H-360mm, D-40mm

(TS- FGT) $320 – L-1235mm, H-140mm, D-40mm

(TS-V8) $180 – L-595mm, H-395mm, D-40mm

(TS-BFS) $120 – L-600mm, H-210mm, D-90mm

 (TS-BFL) $220 – L- 1020mm, H-290mm, D-90mm

(TS-GTS) $180 – L-770mm, H-140mm, D-40mm

(TS-FALS) $140 – L-975mm, H-200mm, D-40mm

 (TS-MSTGL) $280 – L-1220mm, H-450mm, D-40mm

 (TS-CHEVL) $280 – L-1180mm, H-300mm, D-40mm

 (TS-CHVLL) $280 – L-965mm, H-300mm, D-40mm

(TS-CADL) $280 – L-1005mm, H-230mm, D-40mm

(TS-VALL) $280 – L-1030mm, H-505mm, D-40mm

(TS-DGL) $280 – L-930mm, H-290mm, D-40mm

(TS-PTCL) $280 – L-1020mm, H-245mm, D-40mm

(TS-LABL) $380- L-1825mm, H-330mm, D-55mm

(TS-HWBL) $380-L-1805mm, H-310mm, D-55mm

(TS-IMPS) $120 – L-900mm, H-190mm, D-30mm

 (TS-CAML) $280 – L-970mm, H-490mm, D-40mm

(TS-HLDNS) $220 – L-1230mm, H-130mm, D-40mm

(TS- FRDS) $180 – L-700mm, H-325mm, D-40mm

(TS-BKL) $280 – L-920mm, H-330mm, D-40mm

(TS-IMPL) $280 – L-1220mm, H-270mm, D-40mm

(TS-351) $120-L-570mm, W-370mm, D-30mm

(TS-SROO-ROUND) $140- L-580mm Round

(TS-HOT-ROD-ROUND) $120-580mm Round

(TS-CHEVY-ROUND) $120-540mm Round

(TS-SBEE-ROUND) $120-540mm Round

(TS-RAIDERS-ROUND) $120-580mm Round

(TS-RAT-ROD-ROUND) $120-580mm Round

(TS-CORONA-ROUND) $120-580mm Round (SOLD)

(TS-MOPAR-ROUND) $120-540mm Round

(TS-VW-ROUND) $180-590mm Round, D-60mm

(TIN-GAS-PUMP) $220-H-680mm, W-180mm, D-150mm


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