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Hey Guys, Well we have just returned from America again, this time we shot over to handle some business, with 13 cars at the port that needed to be prepared for customs asbestos regulations I figured I’d take a couple of the boys over from our workshop and go deal with it ourselves and get it done properly… and eat hamburgers and do car stuff šŸ™‚

So we hired a space to work out of in Compton and flew over, anyone who knows anything about L.A knows we weren’t in a tourist area so we worked the days there but tried to keep it interesting for the boys by staying in different areas each night and showing them around a bit while we had any down time and on a couple of spare days we got to hit some hot rod shops and car hang outs… a few pictures below to see what we go up to and all the latest stock for sale listed below.

First night in we shot over to Santa Monica and went out to the pier for some dinner and a walk around… The next day we had to head to Compton to check the cars and go over what we had to work with and get what we needed to be able to work.

So with the current asbestos regulation well in place importing obviously been more complicated and costly… With 13 cars sitting in America and none of the shipping yards having a great handle on how to help us importers in Australia with the new regulations it made sense to shoot over and deal with these cars ourselves. I hired a location to work from and we got all the cars sorted and prepared to import back home with all the documentation we require to import now…. 3 days on the tools and we’d got done what we needed to.

The following night we peeled out to Hollywood and had a wander around… as always America comes to life as the sun goes down and the lights come on. Had a look around, still couldn’t find my name on a star so left… will go back and have another look another day.

So it rains like 4 days a year in L.A and it happened to fall on the days we were there working in Compton… The last day we’d done what we had to do and I had a Thunderbird to chase for a client and there was on in Las Vegas that looked niceĀ but wasn’t really factored into the trip to get out that far. With the rain in L.A we buttoned up what we had to and set sail into the mountains and over the range to chase a t-bird and some sunshine.

There was a little detour on the way past the Mooneyes shop… spent more time there than we should have but there was just too much to see… that little shop holds a lot of history and is full to the brim with cool stuff and stories that helped shape America’s car culture.


We got in late that night and booked into Planet Hollywood… I got an oversized car spaceĀ for the van and they had us part 7000 blocks away from the hotel so had a nice stretch of the legs before checking in and getting some dinner… next morning we went to check the 56 Thunderbird.

Back in the van after checking some antique malls in Las Vegas and going over the Thunderbird and we are heading back to L.A, there’s more Thunderbirds and a few car gatherings to check out to combe to see what else is around for sale.

From here the weekend has rolled around and it’s all hot rod shops, custom car shops, burgers and car meets until Monday, we head back to Compton sort the last of the cars and check a few more shops and private sales. We did purchase another 64 Lincoln convertible to build for a client and got a few of our other cars on the move.

Until next time peeps… I do have another adventure planned for June 2018 but am always looking for excuses to throw myself into another adventure.

Thanks for tagging along… All back to normal though now and have some cool new cars in stock, be sure to check the HK 327 Big Tank GTS Monaro and have a cruise over all the cars listed. You know the deal, 0416407540 if i can help with anything. Benny

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