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1956 Chevy pick up build.

1956 Chevy pick up build. after

So here’s a 56 Chevy that we are building for a great customer. He came and saw us back in 2011 and wanted a pick up truck, nothing quite right presented itself although a few other cars did and we have since sold him 3 other cars… But the truck, the truck was always the dream car so after looking in America for a nice solid pick up I ended up finding one about 4k’s from my shop, solid as rock and it was here so the deal was done and we drove it home.
Pretty quickly she was stripped out and as we had a plan to build a cool truck but to do it properly we turned to Aiden who draws for Street Machine to help us with a rendering of what we knew the customer wanted, it had to be black and the trim had to be tan… oh, and it had to drive like a new car even though it was a 50’s truck! We had looked at several styles but the owner’s hart was with a traditional styled truck, the spare wheel had to stay and the wheels weren’t allowed to look to modern… and it had to be low. So the drawing you see are the blue prints of what we saw the car being and the plan was created.
Over time like always things change but for this car only for the better, the owner is very open to our ideas and with a team of cool car builders we are all always dreaming up new and cool stuff to implement… In this case to go low we did what we love to do and start from the ground up… literally. The body was laid out on the chassis to lay sill, everything else had to look factory but lay flat, so often you see these trucks lay out and the front and rear bumpers don’t touch the ground… Boo! Not this bad girl, she got the full ground effect and this sucker lays as hard as you can make them with a custom cut and shut grill to take a fee extra teeth with a modified front bumper to tuck it all in tight, the rear go the same treatment with a new rear bumper modified to fit and look like it should have always been there.
This truck is full of so many custom touches I can’t even go into it until it’s finished and reviled… She will sure be a head turner and one to keep an eye out for once we finish it.
If you’re looking to build something cool give our build shop a call on 0755 966 566 and see if we can help get all the cool stuff out of your head and onto the street!




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